Recent developments
& milestones

31 March 2021: partnership with ibex fairstay

ibex fairstay and the OK:GO Initiative are joining forces to promote inclusion in the hotel industry. The ibex fairstay seal of quality indicates sustainable operations in the accommodation sector. By participating in the OK:GO Initiative, hotels are awarded ibex fairstay points for “extraordinary measures”, which helps them to boost their ranking.

September 2020: creating an entry using a business account

Tourism businesses can now create entries using a business account. The Association has invested in the existing ginto platform to optimize the systems for entering tourism service providers.

March 2020: positive feedback

Numerous tourism businesses and destinations have already joined OK:GO, including such destinations as Zürich, TESSVM AG, Interlaken, St. Gallen – Lake Constance, Toggenburg, VAUD – Région du Léman, and the Swiss Parks Network.

January 2020: overcoming language barriers

The ginto platform is now available in German, French, Italian and English.

November 2019: inclusive communication

The accessibility information can now also be found on a website, which means that tourism service providers are able to integrate the entered information directly into their websites via a link and make it available to visitors.

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