OK:GO would like to improve the availability of information about the accessibility of tourism offerings in the whole of Switzerland. The information should be up to date, consistent, and easily accessed by everyone.  

Unmediated information

The initiative has people’s varying needs at its heart. The accessibility information is not assessed. Each individual should decide for themselves whether a particular tourism offering is suitable for the trip they are planning.

Inclusive communication, attractively presented

The accessibility information can be viewed by anyone via the standard communication channels and is identified by the OK:GO logo. The information is easy to find, inclusive, and attractively presented.

Additional benefit for tourism businesses

OK:GO offers Swiss tourism businesses an effective and cost-efficient solution to help them appeal to visitors with specific requirements and gain new customers.


Integration of existing concepts

Accessibility information from existing initiatives relating to accessibility in the Swiss tourism sector is integrated into the OK:GO system. 

eine Frau im Rollstuhl mit zwei Hunden und einer Begleitperson im Wald


To implement the scheme, OK:GO relies on input from individual businesses. Companies can gather, manage, and communicate the information themselves using a simple system based on technology provided by ginto, a platform operated by the association AccessibilityGuide.



If a business would like to participate in the initiative, the required information can be collected using the ginto business account. After that, the company adds the OK:GO logo to its website and links it to the accessibility information it has provided. The OK:GO logo on the website signals to visitors that they are welcome and that accessibility information is available.


Partners & participants

Partners and participants (listed in alphabetical order):


Why our partners participate:


Swiss youth hostels

Accessibility at Swiss youth hostels is practically the origin of the OK:GO initiative. "We are taking part because accessibility plays an important role for us and we see it as a tourist mission to make our houses accessible to everyone."

René Dobler, director of the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism


Toggenburg tourism

"The motivation of Toggenburg Tourism to stand up for the initiative is barrier-free access - when it comes to access to information and ultimately also for access to the offers and services in the holiday region."

Sonja Teuscher, Head of Marketing


Vaud Promotion

"With OK:GO, tourist service providers can easily record accessibility information about their offers and make them available to interested parties directly. This is an innovative and efficient solution for us. For service providers, this first step can be followed by a comprehensive review by Pro Infirmis. For this reason we support both OK:GO and Pro Infirmis, as their approaches complement each other perfectly. "

Andreas Banholzer, CEO



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