Partners & Participants

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Partners and participants (Listed in alphabetical order):


Why our partners participate:

​Swiss Youth Hostels – Pioneers from Day One

One could say that the accessibility of Swiss youth hostels was the beginning of the OK:GO Initiative. "We participate because barrier-free accessibility plays a major role for us and because we see it as our touristic duty to make our premises accessible for everyone."

René Dobler, Managing Director at the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism 

Toggenburg Tourismus

"The reason for Toggenburg Tourismus to support this initiative is because we support accessible tourism – this applies not only to accessing information but also, consequently, to accessing offers and services in the holiday region."

Sonja Teuscher, Head of Marketing

Vaud Promotion

"With OK:GO, tourist service providers can easily enter barrier-free accessibility information and provide it directly to those who need them. This solution is both innovative and efficient. For the service providers, this first step can subsequently manifest itself in a comprehensive audit carried out by Pro Infirmis. For this reason, we have decided to support both OK:GO and Pro Infirmis, as both organizations complement each other through their work."

Andreas Banholzer, CEO